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4:Let’s play Cribbage

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The basics

Number of players: 2, 3, 4. Two-player cribbage with friends is more common.

Number of playing cards: use a deck of playing cards.

Score of card: A is counted as 1 point; J, Q and K are counted as 10 points.

81-1-cribbage with friends

Cribbage Scoreboard: There are four rows of cribbage board holes in the conventional scoreboard, with 30 holes in each row, with every five holes as a group and every two rows of holes as a group (each player has two rows of holes). Wedges attached to wooden cribbage board usually come in many different colors to identify individual players. Each player has two wedges. Before the game starts, all four wedges are placed on the personalized cribbage board to start scoring. The movement of wedges reflects the progress of each player. 61 points are obtained when the wedge completes a whole movement. The traditional winning score is two whole moves or 121 points.

Specific steps

First of all, the cards should be arranged according to the order from small to large, so as to calculate the scores more conveniently.

The most common scoring methods are as follows: Fifteen-If the total number of points on the large cribbage board is 15, 2 points will be scored; Pair-If the card played has the same points as the card played by the opponent, 2 points will be scored; Pair Royal, Three of a Kind-Three cards with the same points are worth 6 points (6 holes); Four cards (Double Pair Royal, Four of a Kind)-12 points (12 holes) for playing the fourth card with the same points on the cross cribbage board; Run-A straight can also score points, and the order of playing cards is random, for example, the last player can get 3 points if he plays 3-4-5, the straight will get 4 points if the next 4 person cribbage player plays 2, and the straight will get 5 points if the last player plays 6; 31 points-If the total number of points played is 31, 2 points will be scored; Last Card-If you play the last card, you will get 1 point. (If the total points of the last card are exactly 31 points, repeat the calculation). However, only after finishing the scoring of one game can the cards of the same suit (a group of cards of the same suit) be scored. In addition, you can also play combination cards. For example, if you play a 5 first, the opponent can get 2 points by playing another 5, but you can also play the third 5, which will get the bonus of 15 points for the combined card and the bonus of three cards with the same number of points.

81-2-cribbage with friends

To determine the combination with the highest score, because you need to discard some cards, these discarded cards will form a stack, and additional calculations will be made. After the cribbage board game starts, the dealer needs to draw the top card from the cut card, and the person on the left side of the dealer will also put down the card with the highest score in his hand, and if the scare is to be said, the latter person must choose according to the scoring method and try to get the highest score on the acrylic cribbage board. Repeat this step until you get 31 points. After all the cards are put down, you must calculate the cards. This requires you to be very familiar with all the combination numbers that can be added to 15. After calculating the numbers from printable crib board, you must use the cut card to get more points. After the scoring is completed, restart the round until a player gets 121 points or more, and the game is over.

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