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3:The Introduction of Cribbage

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Cribbage is a card game, which is said to have been invented by Sir John Suckling in the 17th century. And Benjamin Franklin and his wife enjoy playing the cribbage card game very much.


The player determines the first banker by drawing cards, and whoever has the smaller card is the banker. If the cards drawn have the same number of points, draw again. Players immediately get 3 points as compensation, which only happens once. After that, players take turns dealing cards and playing cards in turn during the cribbage jd card game. Each player will be dealt six cards, one at a time. Both sides of the game select two cards from their own cards, and put them face down on the table as "Crib", which belongs to the dealer. At the end of a game, discard cards can be displayed or used. A fold is actually an extra card for the dealer. Whether you are a banker or not, deciding which cards to discard is the focus of Cribbage's game strategy.

80-2-cribbage card game

Starting card

After the card is dealt and discarded, the player cuts the remaining cards. The dealer turns over the first card on the standard cribbage board as the starting card. If the starting card is J, which is called "Heels for 2", the dealer will automatically get 2 points. You can only use the starting card at the end of a game.

Playing cards

The cross crib game players who don't sit in the village can now play any card from their own hands. The specific method is to play a card, put it face up on the table, and report its points-J, Q, K as 10 points, A as 1 point, and other cards as face points. Then, the dealer performs the same steps and tells the total points of the two cards that have been played.

However, in this cross cribbage board game, if playing any card in your hand will result in total points exceeding 31, you should say "Go", so as to tell your opponent that as long as it does not exceed 31 points, you can keep playing cards and score through combination cards. The opponent must play any remaining cards in his hand, so that the total points are 31 or less. At this time, the opponent gets 1 point because you sign up for "Go", and if he makes the total points just reach 31, he can get 2 points. This ultimate cribbage game is over.

Card group scoring method

In a game, "Go", blackjack, tail card and combination card (card group) will be scored. You can score by playing cards.

Score combination

Fifteen: 2 points for any combination card whose total points are exactly 15 points

Pair: two cards with the same points, 2 points

Pair Royal, three of a kind: six points for three cards with the same points

Four cards (double pair royal, four of a kind): four cards with the same points, 12 points

Straight (Run): Three or more cribbage set amazon cards with any suit and connected points (A is always the smallest), and each card counts 1 point

Flush: 4 points for four cards of the same suit (excluding discard cards and starting cards); Five cards of the same suit in hand or abandoned cards (including the starting card), 5 points

Nobs: J with the same suit as the starting card, 1 point

80-1-cribbage card game


After the end of a small cribbage board game, players check their cards to find possible scoring combinations (see the "scoring combinations" column). First of all, players who don't sit in the village first calculate the scores of the four cards they play and the starting cards, and find out as many combination cards as possible from the five available cards. Secondly, the banker also calculates the scores of the four cards he played and the starting card. Finally, the dealer calculates the scores of the four abandoned cards and the starting cards.

Combination cards are very similar to card groups, which can not only score points, but also be the key to classic cribbage board games. Each card can be used many times to form different scoring combinations.

Winning full marks

The player gets 121 points (or 61 points, low winning score), and the game with cards and pegs is over. This can happen at any time, even if the opponent doesn't get a point. Therefore, although the dealer has the advantage of using discard cards, the player can get full marks before the dealer can score-because the player scores first.

You don't have to get exactly 121 points. Score more than 121 points can also be equivalent to get full marks. When you make your opponent "lose"-that is, exceed your opponent by more than 60 points (121-point game), you can get double winning points.

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