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20 proven chess tips and tricks

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                                                                                              20 proven chess tips and tricks

Chess is an intellectual game that has been popular for centuries and is still enjoyed by people of all ages today. It has developed into the world's largest crowd, a combination of strategy, tactics, planning and vision of the outstanding intellectual movement.

As a chess player, in order to stand out in chess, you must have a good understanding of chess rules, strategies and tactics, and various techniques. In today's article, I'm going to give you 20 chess tips and tricks that have proven to be very effective and that will definitely help you improve your game.

1 Play chess with a purpose

Make every move with a clear goal in mind. For example, whether it is to control a grid or to create a tactical opportunity, your chess should be purposeful, not aimless.

2 Always target the opposing king

Like your own king, your opponent's king is the most critical son, and you must always keep it in your mind and find opportunities to attack it.

3. Focus on the coordination of the component forces

It is important to remember that a group of coordinated forces must be much more powerful than a single force. So look for ways to make your forces coordinate both offensively and defensively in order to exert their power.

4 Control the diagonal line

The slash line is very important for both your queen and your elephant, so be sure to control it as much as possible to limit your opponents and increase your control on the board.

5 Don't move too soon after

This should be borne in mind when beginners learn the opening game, although the queen is the most powerful chess player, but at the same time it is easily attacked by the other side. Therefore, to avoid premature movement, so as not to be attacked by the other side of the low score value of the sub-attack and slow down the pace, should be the first to launch other sub-forces.

6 Be aware of your weaknesses

Remember, every infantry move leaves a weakness. To be vigilant and understand these weaknesses and reduce such weaknesses as much as possible, when it is necessary to rush troops, attention should be paid to the defense, repair or cover up the remaining weaknesses. Philidore once said that pawns are the soul of chess.

7 Look for double hits

The double stroke is one of the three basic tactics, but despite its obvious and uncomplicated nature, even top players sometimes make mistakes and get hit with a double stroke. So never lose sight of the fact that once you have a chance to hit double, it is likely that you will win.

8 Know when to change money

The exchange of elements means simplifying the situation, so that the later chess is better. However, you need to know clearly when the converters are appropriate and when they are not. There's a lot more to this than just the question of whether the values of the component forces are balanced. For example, even the exchange between elephants and elephants, the exchange between elephants and horses, whether it is cost-effective, etc., need to be considered clearly according to the actual situation, even including the exchange of abandoned children, there must be sufficient compensation.

9 Make a plan based on the actual situation

Do not make a specific plan too early, for example, some players in a certain opening situation, is bound to carry out a king wing attack, but sometimes the actual situation is not suitable for failure. So don't make specific plans too early or too hard. Instead, try to keep your options open and be ready to change your strategy as the situation evolves.

10. Grow from your mistakes

Each game provides good knowledge to learn and improve. So, after every game you play, it is advisable to analyze it, identify your mistakes and understand how you can improve in the future.

11 Use your king as an attacker

In the end game, your king should be a powerful attacking force, it should be as far as possible to the center of the board, don't be afraid to use your king to push your pawn forward or attack the opponent's son.

12. Note the importance of time limits

Time limit (time) is very important in chess. You must make full use of the time and put the pressure of the time limit on the other side, so that he will be nervous and have to speed up the move, which increases the chance of mistakes.

13 Be more aggressive when taking advantage

When you have a certain advantage, such as the strength of the lead, then you should not be negative, do not be afraid, but should continue to attack the other side's weakness, more aggressive, let the other side busy coping.

14 Look for diversionary opportunities

Diversionary is undoubtedly an extremely important tactic in chess. A lot of planning comes from containment. Therefore, you must look for opportunities to contain the other team, so that you can easily win or even win in tactics.

15 Keep your opponent guessing

Don't play games that are too obvious and direct. Sometimes you can do some preparatory work in advance, and when you are ready, you can win with one strike. Keeping your opponent confused and unable to immediately understand your intentions will increase your chances of winning.

16 Control the grid around the opponent's force

The opponent's pieces occupy some of the squares, remember that the squares around these subpieces are equally important. If you have more control over these grids, you can limit the activity of the other component forces.

17 First the horse, then the elephant

Since the horse is able to pass unimpeded, the horse will be more active than the elephant in the opening phase, so you should usually start the horse before the elephant to maximize the potential of this particle activity.

18 Use the power of initiative

Being proactive in a game usually gives you an advantage, and if you can always be proactive, you will win. Therefore, the attack on the other side's weakness, the use of channel soldiers, the use of open lines, the use of oblique lines, the use of central soldiers, the use of horse outposts, etc., are the performance of initiative, and must be firmly grasped.

19 Don't be afraid to abandon your son to gain advantage

If you can calculate clearly, abandon the child to obtain the situation advantage or kill the king, or then you can get enough particle force compensation, situation compensation, etc., you should not hesitate, the calculation of clearly abandoned child will often give you a huge advantage or even win.

20 Combat, combat, combat

This is the most important point, said so much above, comes down to the ultimate actual combat, without actual combat can not convert technology into chess.

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