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1:How Do We Choose Backgammon?

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Backgammon is a game of moving chess on a chessboard or table. This depends on throwing two dice to determine the number of moves. The goal of the game is to make your pieces reach the end first.

Backgammon chess board is one of the oldest two-player games. It has been in existence for more than 5,000 years and is widely loved by people all over the world. To win in backgammon, you need to move all the pieces back to your main board, and then move the pieces off the board. If you want to learn the specific gameplay of backgammon, please read from the beginning of the step.

22-1-Backgammon chess board

1. You firstly should understand the backgammon board structure. There are 24 narrow triangles on the classic backgammon board, which are also called strongholds. The whole chessboard is divided into four areas, each area has 6 triangles with alternating colors. Each partition has its own name. Player's main board and its outer board, opponent's main board and its outer board. At the junction of these four regions, that is, in the center of the chessboard, there is a protrusion called "the boundary".

The player's main disk is located in the partition on the right side of the player, and the outer disk is the partition on the left side of the player. The main plate and the outer plate of the two sides are opposite each other.

Your own pawn starts from the opponent's main board and crosses the opponent's outer board in a counterclockwise direction to reach your own main board. On the contrary, the opposing player starts from his own main board, and the pointer crosses his own outer board to reach the opponent's main board.

22-2-backgammon board structure

The triangles on the board are numbered from 1-24, where number 1 is the rightmost triangle on your main board, and number 24 is the triangle farthest from the player. The opposing player's number is the opposite, with number 1 being the leftmost triangle on the opposing main board. Each player's number is relative to the opponent's number. For example, your own triangle number 1 is the opponent's number 24, your own number 2 is the opponent's number 23, and so on.

2. Place the plate. Each player has 15 pieces. The chess pieces are composed of two distinct colors, usually displayed in red and white or black and white. When placing the plate, one's own side will place 2 chess pieces on the 24 triangle, 3 on the 8th, 5 on the 13th, and 5 on the 6th. Remember the numbering rules of each player to avoid overlapping pieces.

3. Roll the dice to determine which player goes first. If the number of points is the same, then roll it again.

4. Remember, you can double your bet at any time. In personalised backgammon game, it is not the winner who wins points, but the loser who loses points.

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